Our mission is to deliver excellence to corporate and private clients, consulting, coaching in etiquette and protocol and in cross-cultural understanding for businesses, expatriates and families.



The World is Changing,
and the Demand for Luxury is Changing With It

~ Our clients include the world’s finest hotels ~

Luxury is being redefined by a new generation, by a new cohort descending upon the luxury hospitality and retail world.  They are diverse but driven by a sense of specialness; they are seeking something new, something memorable, something exotic to explore. This new generation is the largest in living memory. And the wealthiest. They value experience over possessions; they embrace innovation, new ideas. In their foray into the world of luxury, they are seeking brands they can connect with emotionally. To capture the loyalty of this new generation of clientele, the luxury sector will have to sharpen its focus on the power of the emotional intelligence that drives it.

With our France-based teammates, AE & Associates assists its clients in developing that emotional connection. Our coaching programs center on the prestigious hospitality and luxury retail sectors and their reliance on a connected clientele. We have trained the staffs of the top luxury hotels and palaces in France, Monaco, Russia, and China, all leaders in a sector where success is defined as brand loyalty.

CMH announcement

Our courses are taught in English, Spanish, and French, with tailored emphasis given to critical regional and national differences in the broad norms of etiquette.

Marie-Catherine was most recently at the CMH in Paris, coaching a class on Luxury Hotel clients in the U.S.


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AE & Associates is a member of the prestigious Cercle International des Experts en Etiquette Française (CIEEF).