About the Founder

Years of valuable experience with International Associates

Marie-Catherine Bearden is the founder of Académie de l’étiquette – Austin. A French born, dual French-U.S. citizen, Marie-Catherine has spent a lifetime in the demanding world of international protocol and etiquette.

In addition to her native French, Marie-Catherine is fluent in Spanish, as her old and respected Castilian ancestry influenced her early cultural and linguistic development.

Her early school years took place in international communities in Africa, from Morocco in North Africa to Congo and Nigeria in Central and West Africa. Following her education in France, Marie-Catherine spent a number of years teaching English and Spanish to the children of the host country leaders and the international diplomatic corps at French International Schools in Africa and South Asia.

Etiquette, life skills, and good manners were deeply embedded in the curriculum of her K through 12 classes. She later moved with her American husband through a series of senior postings at U.S. Embassies in Africa, Asia, and Europe.

Following her embassy tours, Marie-Catherine returned to academia, devoting a number of years lecturing in French language, history and culture at Washington DC area universities, including the prestigious Georgetown University, where she crafted a course on the History of French Diplomacy and the Development of French Protocol.  As part of her research for this project, Marie-Catherine attended an intensive training course in French etiquette and protocol at the Etiquette à la française in Montpellier, France.

While at Georgetown University, Marie-Catherine also served on the prestigious Fulbright Committee, screening the university’s top candidates for the highly competitive and coveted Fulbright Program for study abroad.

After moving to Austin in 2015, Marie-Catherine continued her teaching career by joining the faculty of the French and Italian Department at the University of Texas. At the same time, she began drawing together her life experiences of living on four continents and working in the protocol-demanding world of diplomacy. She has since been applying both her diplomatic experience and her unique appreciation of all facets of American and international etiquette in corporate etiquette training and the prestigious hospitality sector.”

She has been applying those experiences and her unique appreciation of all facets of American and international etiquette in corporate etiquette training and the prestigious hospitality sector.