Future Diplomats - Pre-teens Age 10-12 year olds

This program is designed to guide our pre-teens in developing confidence as they build their life skills. Our four week program is ideal for this age group.  Parents will notice a difference from the first day of the program. Lessons will be directed and will include role-playing. The course includes a certificate of accomplishment.

Registration now open for Final Spring Session:

Date: May 18 thru June 8, 2017

Time: 4:30 to 5:30, on Thursdays

Place: Austin — West Oak Hill

Price: upon request

Maximum class size: 10 students

Young teens gathered together

Treat everyone with politeness, even those who are rude to you — not because they are nice, but because you are.

 Author Unknown

The course includes:

Social Skills

  • Importance of greeting and exiting
  • First rules of introductions
  • Correct handshake and eye contact
  • House rules at home and at other people’s homes
  • Thank you notes
  • Phone etiquette
  • E-Etiquette
  • And more…

Dining Etiquette

  • Napkins
  • Utensils, stemware
  • American and European style dining
  • Passing food
  • Soup manners
  • Table talk
  • Setting a proper table
  • Do’s and don’ts of dining
  • And more…

Children should come properly dressed for “the occasion”. No shorts, flip-flops or baseball caps. 

For more information about this course, please phone us at 512-332-4365 or send us an email at