The world is changing,
but the demand for civility is only increasing.

Etiquette is the building block for civility.

Académide l’étiquette (AE) is dedicated to the prospect that a well-mannered society is a successful society.
We offer professional etiquette training for all levels – from individuals to families, from students to corporate groups.

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With our France-based partners, AE can offer a variety of training programs for the prestigious hospitality sector. Our past performance includes training the staff of luxury hotels and palaces in France, Monaco, Russia, and China.  Click here to learn more about our Luxury Sectors Training.

Our courses can be taught in English, Spanish, and French, with tailored emphasis given to the significant regional and national differences in accepted norms of etiquette.

About the Founder

Years of valuable experience with International Associates

Marie-Catherine Bearden is the founder of Académie de l’étiquette – Austin. A French born, dual French-U.S. citizen, Marie-Catherine has spent a lifetime in the demanding world of international protocol and etiquette. From France to Africa, in China, Lebanon, Japan, and beyond, these valued associates have enriched and expanded her knowledge of multi-cultural protocol and etiquette.

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