International Associates / Collaborative Relationships

Marie-Catherine Bearden

Over the years, Marie-Catherine Bearden, the founder of l’Académie de l’étiquettehas developed a broad range of collaborative relationships across the realm of international etiquette.  From France to Africa, in China, Lebanon, Japan, and beyond, these valued associates have enriched and expanded her knowledge of multi-cultural protocol and etiquette. 

For discerning clients, specialized and tailored courses can be arranged with Marie-Catherine’s international associates focusing on the cross cultural aspects of etiquette, French culinary traditions, wine appreciation, and many more aspects of savoir vivre.

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France - Etiquette à la Française and AD Excellence

EAF –  Etiquette à la Française and AD Excellence provide in-depth, tailored Consultancies, coaching, training and expertise in the areas of « Service Excellence » etiquette, protocol, savoir-vivre and cross-cultural training in France and internationally.

EAF – Etiquette à la Française and AD Excellence offer the best on etiquette and protocol services to:

Client groups including: juniors, students, businessmen and women, business and hospitality schools, private corporations in the sector of luxury, prestige hospitality, palaces, private aviation, tourism, event organization, embassies and ministries.

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France - Cinquième Sens

Who are we?

For all those people who love smelling fragrances, dreaming escaping in a faraway land, being touched emotionally, creating new ideas, Cinquieme Sens shares its “savoir faire” to perfume lovers.

Since 1976, Cinquieme Sens has created perfume as well as transmitted the knowledge of perfume culture.

Cinquieme Sens is a registered training centre targeting mainly perfumery’s professional who wish to increase their knowledge in olfactory vocabulary and odour language.

Today, Cinquieme Sens perfumer’s team is enlarging this knowledge to people by sharing their passion of perfumes and raw materials with perfume lovers.

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China and Hong Kong - France Etiquette Limited

FEL provides authentic French etiquette services in the China mainland and Hong Kong.

Services include French etiquette courses for both young and adults, training for hospitality professionals managing hotels and restaurants, courses for university students and faculty, as well as specialized training for private schools.

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Japan and the African continent - PRAECELLENTIA

PRAECELLENTIA is offering world-class consultancy and trainings in Intercultural Communication to anyone wishing to evolve or distinguish into a different cultural background.

Located in France, our team is composed of international experts in French Etiquette, Diplomatic Protocol, Wine and Fine dining.

PRAECELLENTIA mainly operates throughout Africa, Asia and Europe for professionals within the Luxury Hospitality & Travel industry, Event & Tourism world, Embassies & Ministries.

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Lebanon - Château Marianne

Château Marianne is a PR and Event Management Company specialized in the organization of unique personal and professional events with the legendary French Touch. 

Located in Lebanon and covering the EMEA region, our International Excellence Experts panel is from Europe, Japan, and USA and proposes state-of-the-art seminars and coaching in Etiquette, Protocol, cross cultural communication, and international events management.

We offer our communication and training services to diplomats, VIPs, business people, hospitality & tourism companies, with special seminars and activities dedicated to children.

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