Kindergarten is an immense transition for children. New rules apply, especially for children who have never attended Pre-K programs.  A new world demanding efforts in sharing, listening, and following new rules is difficult to assimilate.

Social skills and etiquette used to be taught at home. Today, with both parents working longer hours, resulting in less family time, parental guidance in these areas has been reduced.  Children are learning life skills from the “television babysitter” where selfishness and insensitivity are often portrayed as funny and entertaining.

Our program for kindergarteners is focused on approaching life in a playful manner, by learning how to shake hands, to introduce themselves, to be respectful to others, to display basic table manners, and much, much more. 

Confidence begins at an early age.  Our learning-tool program guides the kindergarteners to acquire early on the basic life skills they will continue to develop throughout their lives.

Kindergarten AE program includes:
    • Correct phrases to say when meeting, greeting and departing
    • When to stand up if an adult enters the room
    • How to shake hands
    • Simple rules of introductions
    • The importance of how to handle a 911 call
    • The reason we send “Thank-you Notes” and how to prepare them
    • Table etiquette
    • And more…