Etiquette Classes for The Magellan International School

Children and Teens Winter/Spring 2018

Académie de l’étiquette (AE) offers coaching classes in etiquette tailored to children and teens. AE’s approach is designed to complement the overall character building that is deeply integrated into The Magellan International School curriculum. Instruction will be in Spanish.

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About the founder

AE founder, Marie-Catherine Bearden, is an academic professional whose background includes teaching children and teens in international schools in Africa and South Asia, as well as serving as a professor at Georgetown University in D.C, and The University of Texas at Austin. Her long experience in international diplomacy has also guided her approach to etiquette and protocol for all.

More about Marie-Catherine can be found in this article in The Daily Texan.

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“Guiding the students of Magellan International School to navigate their new world with confidence” 

– Académie de l’étiquette

Course Overview Grades 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 - 2018

Days: Wednesdays. – March 7, 21, 28, and April 4, 2018

Time: 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm.

Level: Grade 1 to 5

No food will be served.

This program includes:

  • The importance of self-introduction.
  • Making introductions of others with proper protocol.
  • Dining etiquette:
    • Properly setting a table,
    • The important role of the napkin,
    • Protocol for beginning the meal — start only after the host/hostess gives the signal,
    • Soup manners,
    • Continental eating style – how to cut food, “resting” position of knife and fork, “finished” position of knife and fork,
    • Proper rules to handle dessert,
    • Protocol for passing food, from left to right, and how to pass a plate, a glass, silverware, etc.
    • How to pass salt and pepper,
    • How to properly deal with bread and butter.
    • How to write a Thank You note: “the 4 important sentences”
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Course Overview 4-week Advance Etiquette Coaching Grades 6, 7, 8. February, 2018

Days: Wednesdays: February 7, 14, 21, 28, 2018

Time: 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Level: Grades: 6, 7, 8

No food will be served.

The program includes:


  • Looks are important.
  • Rules to dress by:
    • How to look your best.
  • Understanding the feel of fine fabrics:  silk, cashmere, wool, cotton, linen.

Communication Etiquette – Respect and Courtesy

  • Your conduct in public reflects on you, your family, and your home training.
  • Phone rules.
  • Netiquette protocol:  email, text, etc.
  • The art of the Thank You Note.

Advanced Dining Etiquette

  • Dos and don’ts at a restaurant.
  • Dos and don’ts as a guest in a home.
  • A four-course meal place setting (no food served).
  • 40 important Table Manners rules to know.

Introduction to Fragrance for the Young Lady

  • Discover the basic elements of a perfume – floral, woody, fresh, oriental – using the hands-on approach of our associate CinquièmeSens, in Paris.
  • Dozens of essential oils and natural scents will be explored by the students during our coaching session.
  • This session will help the student in determining which type of fragrance might uniquely represent them.
  • Selecting a fragrance for you is far more personal than that of a seductive perfume ad.

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