Mission Statement

Americans have unambiguously chosen to return to the good manners and courtesies that were the hallmark of our society from its very beginnings.  Eight out of ten Americans have recognized the need for such a renaissance of civility, and equally large numbers are taking steps to reach that goal.

Good Manners Will Open a Closed Door

Bad Manners Will Close an Open Door

                                              Turkish Proverb

To pursue that goal, l’Académie has developed specialized programs for social skills and etiquette for all ages.  Our focus ranges from children and teens to college students and young professionals. We also have specialized programs for our veterans as they transition back into civilian life.  We at l’Académie are convinced that with a foundation of basic courtesies and social skills underpinning the development of our young, more of life’s doors will be open, and our society at large will be enriched.