Programs offered at l’Académie de l’étiquette

Marie-Catherine Bearden, founder of l’Académie de l’étiquette and expert etiquette trainer offers her expertise in a wide variety of etiquette and protocol classes for all ages and needs. Classes include good manners for all ages, business etiquette and attire, entertaining, first impressions and powerful presence, job interview training, college interview training, and so much more.

Luxury Sectors, Hotel and Resort Training

With our France-based partners, AE can offer a variety of training programs for the prestigious hospitality sector. Our past performance includes training the staff of luxury hotels and palaces in France, Monaco, Russia, and China. 

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Business Etiquette

Business Etiquette is a system of established rules and expectations of behavior in the business or corporate world, rules that enhance communication, promote a respectful work environment, and promote positive customer relations.  Ultimately, corporate etiquette skills reflect the all-important quality of self-confidence on your part and that of your employees.

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University Students Power Etiquette

The first seven seconds of the job interview will create an often irreversible impression. Your early focus on developing the soft skills of professional behavior will serve you well in those first seven seconds, and far beyond.

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Simple Elegance – Home entertainment is back!

Home entertainment is back! A tailored course for individuals or groups, with a focus on making a lasting impression when you entertain, from a backyard barbecue to starched linen sit down dining.

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