Programs offered at l’Académie de l’étiquette

Marie-Catherine Bearden, founder of l’Académie de l’étiquette and expert etiquette trainer offers her expertise in a wide variety of etiquette and protocol classes for all ages and needs. Classes include good manners for all ages, business etiquette and attire, entertaining, first impressions and powerful presence, job interview training, college interview training, and so much more.

Veterans Transitioning Back to Civilian Life

The Académie de l’étiquette has specialized programs for veterans transitioning back into civilian life after years of service to their country.  In many ways, the re-entry into civilian life is every bit as challenging as the original transition into military life so long ago. Académie de l’étiquette strives to make that transition as seamless as possible and to equip our nation’s finest with all the tools they will need in their new civilian careers. 

image depicting constructing a business plan
Texas Parents Special

University Students Power Etiquette for the Business World

The first seven seconds of the job interview will create an often irreversible impression. Your early focus on developing the soft skills of professional behavior will serve you well in those first seven seconds, and far beyond.

children at a party
Young Good Manners Program for children 6-9-years old

This 5-week program (50 minutes/week) is designed to guide our young children to develop confidence as they begin building their life skills. 

Young teens gathered together
Future Diplomats - Pre-teens 10-12 yrs. old Program

This 5-week program (50 minutes/week) is designed to guide our young pre-teens to develop confidence as they continue to build their life skills.  The program includes a certificate of accomplishment. Parents will notice a difference from day one of the program. Lessons will be directed and will include role-playing. Handouts of review will be distributed after each session.

group of young teens standing by lockers
Future Diplomats 13-16 yrs. old Program

This 5-week program of 50-minute sessions is designed to help our teenagers to gain poise and confidence in a variety of social settings, from the basics of properly introducing themselves and others, to showing proper respect, and displaying with ease proper table manners.  

This course is designed to work well with individuals or groups, and is designed for boys and girls. It can be taught in French and Spanish as well as English.

High school kids looking at a tablet
Knowledge & Confidence for 17-18 yrs. old Program

This 8 hour- curriculum, run in two sessions over two days, is not a course in manners. It is, rather, a confidence building program that will enable these young adults to navigate unfamiliar environments or uncomfortable situations by displaying proper etiquette responses in those social, academic or business settings.

group of adults dining
Simple Elegance - Home entertainment is back!

Home entertainment is back! A 4-hour course for individuals or groups, with a focus on making a lasting impression when you entertain, from a backyard barbecue to starched linen sit down dining.