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Power Etiquette for the Business World

The first seven seconds of the job interview will create an often irreversible impression. Your early focus on developing the soft skills of professional behavior will serve you well in those first seven seconds, and far beyond.

Credentials of the Founder and President

As a college professor, whose teaching experience includes Georgetown University on the east coast and the University of Texas in the heart of the Southwest, our founder has been blessed to work with some of the best and the brightest young people our nation has to offer.  Their hard skills are beyond question, but Marie-Catherine Bearden has consistently seen a real and growing need to develop equally strong the soft social skills they will need to navigate the new world they are about to enter. Uniformly, professionals believe that the soft, or power skills are of equal importance to landing that first job and to climbing the career ladder.

L’Académie de l’étiquette is directed by a person who knows and understands college students as part of her own professional family; and she knows the international world many young graduates aspire to enter. She will guide you to bring to the forefront the best of yourself, and to move with confidence into the professional world of business and international affairs.

More about Marie-Catherine can be found in this article in The Daily Texan.

“Your skills can get you in the door; your people skills are what can seal the deal”

Peter Post

Our program draws from:
Power skills
  • Powerful first impression with tutored body language to convey confidence
  • Appropriate dress for all situations
  • Greeting and introduction protocols
  • The power of the handshake
  • Small talk secrets – how to tactfully get into and out of a conversation
  • The art of the business card
  • Social Media do’s and don’ts
  • E-etiquette
  • International Etiquette Protocol: Importance of understanding the customs and cultures of other countries

And more…


Why is business dining etiquette crucial?

If you think that dining etiquette is for the aristocracy, think again. Your dining etiquette will reveal aspects of your personality to the judgmental observer. Business transactions and job interviews are often conducted around a meal, where your table manners will be on sharp display, either enhancing your image to others or detracting from it. Our program goes well beyond teaching which fork to use; we instill in you a deep understanding of table etiquette and how it is judged both at home and abroad.

Dining Etiquette
  • Accepting an invitation
  • Extending an invitation
  • Host duties at home or in a public place
  • Posture at the table
  • Napkin role
  • American and European dining styles
  • Do’s and don’ts of table manners
  • Toasting protocol
  • E-etiquette

And more…

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