Veterans Transitioning Back to Civilian Life

A three-hour program

The Académie de l’étiquette has specialized programs for veterans transitioning back into civilian life after years of service to their country.  In many ways, the re-entry into civilian life is every bit as challenging as the original transition into military life so long ago. Académie de l’étiquette strives to make that transition as seamless as possible and to equip our nation’s finest with all the tools they will need in their new civilian careers. 

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Our program includes:

Social Skills

Soft skills are a cluster of personal qualities which lead others to create the first impression of you.  That impression is made in just seven seconds!

You will arrive at your job interview with all the advantages of your years of military service – discipline, mission orientation, reliability, honor, even personal courage.   But, these hard-earned qualities must be matched to the soft skills needed to navigate the civilian world.  The Académie de l’étiquette has tailored a program just for you.

  • Powerful first impression with tutored body language to convey confidence.
  • Appropriate attire for all situations.
  • Greeting and introduction protocols.
  • Small talk secrets – How to tactfully get into and out of a conversation
  • The power of the handshake.
  • The art of the business card.
  • Social Media do’s and don’ts.
  • E-etiquette manners.
  • International Etiquette Protocol: Importance of understanding the customs and cultures of other countries.

The amount of good luck coming your way depends on your willingness to act. 

– Barbara Sher

Our program also includes:

Dining etiquette

Why is business dining etiquette crucial?

If you think that dining etiquette is for the aristocracy, think again. Your dining etiquette will reveal aspects of your personality to the judgmental observer. Business transactions and job interviews are often conducted around a meal, where your table manners will be on sharp display, either enhancing your image to others or detracting from it. Our program goes well beyond teaching which fork to use.

  • Accepting an invitation.
  • Extending an invitation
  • Host duties at home or in a public place.
  • Napkin role.
  • American and European dining styles.
  • Posture at the table.
  • Toasting protocol.
  • Do’s and don’ts

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